Response to King Hearing Allegations

Muslim American Civil Liberties Coalition regrets the series of misleading and circus-like Congressional Hearings convened by Rep. Peter King.  We are pleased that at the latest Hearing on June 20  2012 MACLC Advisory Member Faiza Patel (Brennan Center) testified to give some much needed balance to a biased and unprofessional public discourse.  We also joined a Sign On Letter that 55 organisations signed onto to deplore the latest hearings and the agenda  of most of the witnesses.

MACLC was mentioned in a misleading way during the 3/10/11  Congressional Hearings convened by Rep. Peter King. In his testimony Mr Zuhdi Jasser 1) falsely claims that CAIR and MPAC co-authored our critique but in fact our work is very much a group effort and does not follow or rely on the points offered by any member organziation.  Mr Jasser goes on to say of the NYPD Radicalization Report: ”Rather than demonize this great work” these groups should have admitted that it was work Muslims should have been doing.”

To that we can only say that we do not demonize the Report but offer a critique intended to build policies that are truly fact based and not based on incorrect or incomplete analysis, unexamined assumptions and fear. Mr Jasser’s less grounded and more hysterical approach  is  seen in the propagandistic video The Third Jihad, unfortunately shown in some NYPD training courses. Regarding this very troubling fact  we continue to request full explanation from the Commissioner. See: Maclc_Letter28_January_2011-CORRECTED_NAME and NYPD_Third_Jihad_Follow-up

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