MUSLIM AMERICAN CIVIL LIBERTIES COALITION (MACLC) is a group of New York City Muslim American organizations partnered with Civil liberties groups, troubled by NYPD counter terrorism policies. Thanks to the facilitation of Aziz Huq of the Brennan Center of Justice (NYU) this group has been meeting regularly since the publication of the NYPD report in August 2007.

The MACLC group has met collectively several times with the Commissioner and Mr. Silber, one of the writers of the Report. However, it remains to be seen what (if any) changes will be made to the analysis and framing of the report, which we find so troubling.  Meanwhile, the NYPD report seems to be influencing police departments and security policy makers around the nation, steering them towards profiling immigrant males and “homegrown terrorists.”

MACLC members share security concerns with all New Yorkers but feel the duty to guide NYPD towards more accurate analysis. Wrong understanding does not make us safer. This site will maintain the main reports and updated news pertaining to this ongoing issue.

As you scroll down you will see various reports and actions to keep this issue before the public as well as policy makers. On November 20, 2008 MACLC publicly challenged NYPD to make changes to the report. See:

In addition, on December 12, 2008 MACLC sent a letter to Janet Napolitano, the new head of Department of Homelands Security, calling on the new Administration to develop security polices that avoid linking religious precepts with terrorism. See:


Seeking opportu:nity to improve police department analysis around the nation, MACLC plans to be increasingly vocal in the upcoming months. Steering Committee members include; CAIR NY, MPAC NY; Muslim Consultative Network; MAS Freedom Forum NY; Women in Islam, Advisors from AMAL Association of Muslim American Lawyers and Brennan Center for Justice; network members include Muslim Bar Association of New York, Islamic Circle of North America, Jamaica Muslim Center, ICCNY, AL Khoei, Women in Islam, Council of Peoples Organizations,  and others.

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Muslim Community statement to NYPD Commissioner

November 23, 2007



Honorable Raymond Kelly

Police Commissioner of NYPD

One Police Plaza

New York, NY 10038



Dear Commissioner Kelly:


Please find enclosed a statement of some Muslim community concerns regarding the Bhatt and Silber report, Radicalization in the West: the Home Grown Threat.  We look forward to hearing your responses to these concerns on Monday, and we hope that Monday’s meeting will be the start of a process of honest and productive dialogue addressing and correcting the dangerous misconceptions evident in the report.

On the basis of this meeting and the enclosed statement, we urge you to take the following immediate action:

  • To cease distribution of the report to other jurisdictions’ law enforcement agencies while the NYPD carefully responds to and corrects the report’s misconceptions and errors;
  • To clarify what policies have been adopted by the NYPD as a consequence of the report, and in particular respond to concerns expressed in the Community Statement submitted by diverse Muslim community representatives;
  • To issue a public statement to the effect that the NYPD is working with members of the Muslim community of New York on developing a sound, rights-respecting policy on “radicalization” that will not lead to religious or racial profiling;
  • To commit NYPD to a regular schedule of ongoing dialogue to address the issues identified in the attached statement.

We thank for your attention and look forward to our discussion.



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NYPD Radicalization Report

See link attached. This is the Report that started it all! nypdreport-radicalizationinthewest

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